• Tiger Self-Defense Keychain (Yellow)

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    This tiger key chain safety device is a must have personal safety tool.

    Great for runners, shoppers, college students or anyone that finds themselves in uncomfortable situations. Used solo or attached to your keys, your Bulldog Self-Defense Keychain will be there if and when you need to defend yourself. The amazing Bulldog product is a pointed force multiplier that extends your reach, is very light, and is more effective than knuckles.

    The Tiger facial design is duplicated on both sides of this product.


    • Durable: Made of very strong ABS plastic that is unbreakable. This plastic is as strong as metal.
    • Keep it Close: It is very easy to carry. You can attach it to your keys and it will fit right in your pocket or purse.
    • Easy to Use: Your fingers loop through the eye holes so that the tips of the ears can be used to defend yourself against an attacker.
    • Measures: 3.5" x 2.5"
    • Warranty: 90 days


    • Tiger Self-Defense Keychain - YELLOW